YO! Sushi



YO! Sushi brought the traditional Japanese 'kaiten' (conveyor belt) sushi to London in 1997. Now we have over 90 restaurants around the globe, with plenty more coming along the belt.

We serve nearly 100 different dishes using the freshest ingredients to over 6 million guests a year.

A more thrilling, more colorful, more 'Tokyo' world is out there. In here: YO!

Come in. Experience Tokyo.
Live Fast. Eat Well.


We eat no evil here. It's our mission to know exactly where our fish comes from before we bring it to your plate.

Take our Norwegian salmon. Delivered to us 6 days a week, we're only happy with less than 2% fish in over 98% seawater. Why? Because healthy salmon equals tasty salmon.

And when it comes to our tuna, it's all about the mellow yellow. We'll only ever use yellowfin (never bluefin) so you can eat happy.


"Their menu is as authentic as you can get without actually going on a trip there yourself. They even have Japanese soda and snacks for puarchase!"
Cyd Katz, New Jersey Isn't Boring

"The cuisine is excellent, the service good, and the prices reasonable. I highly recommend that you pay them a visit at one of their locations soon. You won't be disappointed."
Chris Forman, Burgers and Brews Food Reviews

"It’s important to give credit when credit is due: Yo! Sushi was exceptional."
Caroline and Rachel, Forked Up Jersey

"YO! Sushi is a very fun way to introduce your kids to new food."
Elizabeth Moglia Jackson, Macaroni Kid

"Love the Japanese "kaiten" revolving sushi bar and everything was delicious! #YOSushi #ThisisTokyo"
Kaitlin Orr, @carnivorr

“Not only is this style of ordering fun and easy, but also couldn’t be more practical and affordable, so get ready for a stack of towering neon plates at your table.”
QSR Onlin

“Hands down this is one of the most unique eateries you’re going to find.”
Bill Bodkin, Star Ledger and NJ.com